The Rise of Custom T-shirt Printing

Although the T Shirt was considered an undergarment for so many decades, when it has gained recognition as  outer wear, people began wearing it for semi-formal occasions too. T Shirt Printing Companies have taken advantage of the T Shirts popularity by offering a wide variety of services to fit all needs.

Although the coat and tie would remain the universal accepted formal attire for males and the gown for females, the T Shirt has become a popular alternative in less formal occasions but still held in venues such as hotels, convention centres and similar establishments where people are often attired formally.

The T Shirt, by just pairing it with a coat, has gained more social acceptance that people could now use this these two pieces of upper garments when going out on a date, attending concerts, going to some after office hours functions, hanging out in nightspots or just to look good without appearing some formal or too casual.

When the occasion calls for more formal attire, without having to wear a suit, the T Shirt’s print would preferably be subdued such as some slogans, nice sceneries or minimal prints such as a company logo or brand. Then, the outer wear could be a good coat also in more subdued colors such as black, grey, dark blue or brown.

For pants, more formal trousers are recommended in similar subdued colors as the coat. However, it need not be the same colour as the coat to avoid the appearance of too much formality. Leather shoes and loafers are recommended.


When the occasion calls for more casual attire, a sports coat or cardigan could be used as outer garment. The T Shirt inside could have more informal prints , even cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the now very popular Angry Birds and other icons of today and the past. For shoes, rubber or athletic shoes are acceptable. For pants, denims or corduroys are okay, but not Bermuda shorts.

In a bid to customize T Shirts to make them more more acceptable, some companies engaged in the T Shirt Printing business have come up with the Tie Tee, which they described as an alternative to the modern business suit. The Tie Tee is an organic T Shirt with an attach tie that swings free from the neck.

Another company recommends using a black T Shirt with minimal prints such as just letters to give  more resemblance of formality when mixing the T Shirt with another top garment.

The move to be less formal in many social functions have also been observed in cruise liners which used to prescribe tuxedos and suits for male passengers and gowns for female travelers who will dine. However, these cruise ships reportedly have also allowed changes to creep in by making formal attire optional and accepting the changes that have taken place in society.

Although changes may have taken place in acceptability of certain apparel, one thing that remains the same is that a business would also be a commercial enterprise so firms engaged in T Shirt Printing need to be formal and upright when they deal with clients.

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