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Let’s Get Started | Middle Age Fitness

I have tried making weekly program to get started plenty of times and quite often they’re unrealistic. There’s no way I will get out and exercise every day of the week or even 6 days a week. Not at this point in my fitness training (someday soon I would love to be doing this). The weather excuse comes up quite often so that cuts out a few days. If my mind is thinking 6 days a week I have to do some form of exercise, then it’s going to go into a panic and I’ll never get started.

What I am going to do is start with 3 days a week. I’m going to make the exercise easy and only about 30 minutes each day. This is realistic isn’t it?
Okay, now what sort of exercise? I have lots of choices because believe it or not I am already paying for a gym membership that is lying idle, I have a concession card for the local council pools again lying idle and I have a series of exercise DVDs that I love doing and do, do occasionally.
I love swimming so the obvious thing would be to use my card and go swimming once a week! Now, my number one excuse for not doing this is that I look terrible in my swimsuit now that I’m so out of condition and if I get fitter and leaner first then I will feel happier swimming.
Who’s going to be looking for goodness sake? Who cares?
Okay, so I will swim one day a week and I’m going to choose a day when I have plenty of time so I can’t use that excuse. Monday will be my day for swimming. I also take  food tip from
The Gym
I tried different classes at the gym when I first joined. I did enjoy the early morning weights classes but for some reason they stopped them so I stopped too. When I belonged to a gym in my 30’s I did a few Step classes a week and I loved them so I decided to try that again. What a disaster. It was then I realized how fit I used to be and how unfit I am now. I actually walked out before the class had finished.
So Active Class it is. That will have to be a Tuesday. I will try this for one week and review afterwards since this will be my first time.
And the 3rd day I will do my DVD at home. This has 4 different workouts so I will rotate them. So Sunday is a good day for that.
I also have an option of joining a group for a 3/5 km walk/run each Thursday evening. I have had good intentions of doing this and still want to so I will add this in when the time is right.
Now my exercise routine is set (not in concrete) but I will do a minimum of 3 days this week and get back to you on how I do.

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Challenges that are driving nutrition policy makers crazy

The world is truly an unfair place. While one part is struggling for one square meal per day, another part is very busy fighting obesity. But if you observe closely, both these kinds of population lack one thing in common- the correct level of nutrition. Feeding every mouth is no way sufficient to move forward. Nutrition is the golden key to that. That is very easy to say though. Nutrition policy makers face umpteen challenges at every step of the policy planning.

Food Security

The world, some people say, revolves around money. Others may deny it but at times like these you will realize how poignantly true that is. Those who live below or just above the poverty line go without food for days together. Now, in this kind of a situation how do you sketch up a plan for nutrition?

Nutrition Education

Most of us, even the well-educated or the rich do not have a nutrition sketch. As long as we are able to perform our daily activities, we do not care. You should use safe cookware and fillet knives to remain healthy. But this is definitely not enough to nourish our body. We need to be well aware of the different kinds of nutrition we need and the foods that provide them. Visit realfooddietitian to know more about dietitians Tasmania which guide you to the best possible nutrition plan.

Under nutrition and over nutrition

Now these inequalities are a very major cause of concern. Neither of these happens to be good for the body. Nutrition planners are working hard to find a solution to balance out this inequality. Unless this issue is resolved, moving forward in terms of health development will not happen smoothly. You must have a proper diet plan to overcome the problem of nutrition. Go here to find out more exhaustive information about diet plans Tasmania.

Micronutrient Deficiencies

One third of the population is said to be anaemic. Children and women form a major portion of this anaemic population. Micronutrients are vital to proper functioning of the body, especially for women who are blessed with the boon of bearing the future generations.

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Despite these challenges, nutrition policy makers are working really hard to create a healthier world. They are looking for feasible solutions in the sectors of agriculture, population growth and other related sectors to weave a solution that hopefully will help reduce, if not eliminate the high rates of under and over nutrition that seems to have affected a major part of our human population. But this can be achieved only by proper Government intervention by implementing suitable policies and subsequent positive response from the people to create a global village filled with nourished individuals.

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