Deciding to Learn Music

Learning music is similar to exploring another land.  It has its own language, boarders which need to be crossed, a new culture to delve into and experiences that are sometimes joyous and uplifting, and sometimes just plain difficult.  It would make things much easier if there was a Travel Guide to Music available, just like there is for all those other countries, but there isn’t one.  Every person learning music has to work out the best way for themselves, with many different resources and teachers.  This can be a long, and sometimes not very enjoyable process, so it’s no wonder many travellers just ‘dip their toes in’ and decide to return home.

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If you chose to travel to a new country, however, and truly taste the wonders of all it had to offer, would you just hop into the nearest car or airplane and go, or would you take some time to prepare?  Careful preparation does help you to make the best of the journey. So, how would you go about preparing?  Here’s what I would do:

  1. Work out how to get there – Transport
  2. Work out where I want to go once I’m there – procure a Map
  3. Work out how to get around – Navigation
  4. Work out how to deal with possible pitfalls – Inside Knowledge
  5. Work out how I’m going to sustain my travel – Fuel
  6. Work out how to obtain day-to-day necessities – Supplies

Music Made Easy is based on this list of items, adapted for the learning of singing or playing an instrument:

1. Transport = How to Practise.
With effective practise you can get to where you want to go.

2. The Map = The Practise Diary
With this you will be able to see where you have been and where you are headed.

3.  Navigation = Reflective Learning
This tool can help you to plan the best way to progress.

4. Inside Knowledge = The Inner Critic vs the Inner Musician
This information will show you how you can begin to let yourself create great music.

5. Fuel = Motivation
This will give you guidance on how to keep your motivation levels up in order to keep learning.

6. Supplies = Performing and Recording
These aspects are necessary to keep yourself happy and comfortable in music so that you can continue to play.

When travelling you can decide to just ‘scratch the surface’ of the place you are visiting or you can decide to spend some time absorbing everything it has to offer.  You only need to follow the ‘tourist trail’ for the former and there are already many resources available which can help you there.   This blog is intended for the latter, for those of you who wish to be intimate with music.  It is designed to help make your exploration and learning of music easier, more attainable and fun, providing you with all the practical guidance that my personal ‘travels’ as a student and teacher of music has offered me.  My hope is that not only newcomers, but also those of you who are currently ‘stuck’ or uninspired, or those of you, like myself, who have ‘stop-started’ in music, find this information helps you to continue, in a more exciting way, to create with sound.  My fellow teachers of music will also be able to use this book as an aid to help develop the efficiency and enjoyment of their own teaching practice.

It helps to remember there is no ‘final destination’ in music.  Your learning and will to continue depends upon you being able to appreciate and enjoy your ability at every stage.  If you can manage this while meeting personal challenges, I have no doubt you will create authentic and expressive music capable of touching others and going beyond your own expectations.

Creating expressive music entails only one thing – the exploration and discovery of your Self, for it is there that great music resides.  Here you will find yourself:

  • confronting your Inner Critic – the voice which sometimes tells you to give up because you’re not good enough;
  • working with sounds that make you uncomfortable and learning how to turn transform them;
  • reflecting upon personal barriers and realising solutions to overcome them;
  • discovering your weaknesses and your strengths;
  • spending time with Music and being in no hurry to ‘get there’;
  • learning to relax in the knowledge that you have the rest of your life to get better at what you do and that your learning and progress in music will never stop as long as you keep playing and developing at your own pace.

Everyone is capable of partaking in the creation of music and I think it is a great shame if you feel excluded from playing because you believe you “haven’t got enough talent” or you find learning “too hard” or “boring”.  The truth is that with the right support, information and guidance, you can enjoy learning to sing and/or play an instrument, including this practice as an everyday activity to enhance your quality of life.

Finally, I would like you to know that Music Made Easy doesn’t end with these pages.  If you have any questions or need any further information, explanations or wish to comment, please subscribe to this blog.

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Residential Property: A Good Investment

What is a residential property? Being a common question to some, this is a property residing in a residential area where the establishments are for the use and occupation of families that will serve as a home. Residential property is often thought by people as a property with a potential to grow in terms of value but that is not really the case. It does indeed have the potential to grow in value but it would actually depend on its owner on how they have developed it and on the location itself because these are the key factors that manipulates the value of residential properties.


First things first, before you would invest in a residential property it is recommendable to consider the location of the property if you it can be deemed as a location worth the investment and if it is in a spot where growth in its value is established. To be able to have an idea if it is good for growth, it would actually be dependent on the industrial sector that is near it because as an industry grows so does the residential areas near it too. You can also make the investment good by renovating the property and putting some modern touches to it.


It is important for all investors to be able to look into how the future would turn out on their potential investments. Learn about best home loan rate.To make sudden investments because of how the current growth is progressing is good but to look into further ahead is better. With both important factors being mentioned, it is essential for investors to learn more on these to make the best investment. Even with all the factors and issues, to invest on a residential property would always be a good investment because with increasing population today, a good home would always be a need for these people of the next generation.


If you are an investor or plans to be an investor, even if you have the money does not mean that by buying a certain property of high value would be a good investment, it would require the knowledge and skill to do so. Even the experienced investors are still learning along the way because with the world that changes every day, you should learn every day as well to keep up with everything that is happening. To be able to keep up with all these changes especially in the residential property market would boost your chances of making good investments.

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The Rise of Custom T-shirt Printing

Although the T Shirt was considered an undergarment for so many decades, when it has gained recognition as  outer wear, people began wearing it for semi-formal occasions too. T Shirt Printing Companies have taken advantage of the T Shirts popularity by offering a wide variety of services to fit all needs.

Although the coat and tie would remain the universal accepted formal attire for males and the gown for females, the T Shirt has become a popular alternative in less formal occasions but still held in venues such as hotels, convention centres and similar establishments where people are often attired formally.

The T Shirt, by just pairing it with a coat, has gained more social acceptance that people could now use this these two pieces of upper garments when going out on a date, attending concerts, going to some after office hours functions, hanging out in nightspots or just to look good without appearing some formal or too casual.

When the occasion calls for more formal attire, without having to wear a suit, the T Shirt’s print would preferably be subdued such as some slogans, nice sceneries or minimal prints such as a company logo or brand. Then, the outer wear could be a good coat also in more subdued colors such as black, grey, dark blue or brown.

For pants, more formal trousers are recommended in similar subdued colors as the coat. However, it need not be the same colour as the coat to avoid the appearance of too much formality. Leather shoes and loafers are recommended.


When the occasion calls for more casual attire, a sports coat or cardigan could be used as outer garment. The T Shirt inside could have more informal prints , even cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the now very popular Angry Birds and other icons of today and the past. For shoes, rubber or athletic shoes are acceptable. For pants, denims or corduroys are okay, but not Bermuda shorts.

In a bid to customize T Shirts to make them more more acceptable, some companies engaged in the T Shirt Printing business have come up with the Tie Tee, which they described as an alternative to the modern business suit. The Tie Tee is an organic T Shirt with an attach tie that swings free from the neck.

Another company recommends using a black T Shirt with minimal prints such as just letters to give  more resemblance of formality when mixing the T Shirt with another top garment.

The move to be less formal in many social functions have also been observed in cruise liners which used to prescribe tuxedos and suits for male passengers and gowns for female travelers who will dine. However, these cruise ships reportedly have also allowed changes to creep in by making formal attire optional and accepting the changes that have taken place in society.

Although changes may have taken place in acceptability of certain apparel, one thing that remains the same is that a business would also be a commercial enterprise so firms engaged in T Shirt Printing need to be formal and upright when they deal with clients.

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Let’s Get Started | Middle Age Fitness

I have tried making weekly program to get started plenty of times and quite often they’re unrealistic. There’s no way I will get out and exercise every day of the week or even 6 days a week. Not at this point in my fitness training (someday soon I would love to be doing this). The weather excuse comes up quite often so that cuts out a few days. If my mind is thinking 6 days a week I have to do some form of exercise, then it’s going to go into a panic and I’ll never get started.

What I am going to do is start with 3 days a week. I’m going to make the exercise easy and only about 30 minutes each day. This is realistic isn’t it?
Okay, now what sort of exercise? I have lots of choices because believe it or not I am already paying for a gym membership that is lying idle, I have a concession card for the local council pools again lying idle and I have a series of exercise DVDs that I love doing and do, do occasionally.
I love swimming so the obvious thing would be to use my card and go swimming once a week! Now, my number one excuse for not doing this is that I look terrible in my swimsuit now that I’m so out of condition and if I get fitter and leaner first then I will feel happier swimming.
Who’s going to be looking for goodness sake? Who cares?
Okay, so I will swim one day a week and I’m going to choose a day when I have plenty of time so I can’t use that excuse. Monday will be my day for swimming. I also take  food tip from
The Gym
I tried different classes at the gym when I first joined. I did enjoy the early morning weights classes but for some reason they stopped them so I stopped too. When I belonged to a gym in my 30’s I did a few Step classes a week and I loved them so I decided to try that again. What a disaster. It was then I realized how fit I used to be and how unfit I am now. I actually walked out before the class had finished.
So Active Class it is. That will have to be a Tuesday. I will try this for one week and review afterwards since this will be my first time.
And the 3rd day I will do my DVD at home. This has 4 different workouts so I will rotate them. So Sunday is a good day for that.
I also have an option of joining a group for a 3/5 km walk/run each Thursday evening. I have had good intentions of doing this and still want to so I will add this in when the time is right.
Now my exercise routine is set (not in concrete) but I will do a minimum of 3 days this week and get back to you on how I do.

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An Effective Cheat Sheet for Women’s Health

More and more women these days are getting on to the health train. They understand that there is more to being a woman than to just look good from the outside. Nurturing themselves from within is a crucial part of ensuring that they are indeed able to achieve ideal Women’s Health.

With more and more women taking on active roles in areas where men used to occupy, it is not surprising to see that more and more of them are exposed to stress and pressure. This can affect their health and wellness accordingly. So, taking on some steps to still find that balance despite their hectic lifestyles is important.

An Effective Cheat Sheet for Women’s Health

A lifetime wellness is indeed a commitment that every person needs to make. However, in these days when everybody has something to do and everyone is busy living the fast life, taking the time to get evaluated by a medical professional may be considered a luxury. It is a must do and hence, should at least be done once a year.

Managing the stress level is an important task too. When people have so many things going on, it is sometimes hard to find the starting point on how to handle them. Jugging everything together is only likely going to end up with you not being able to accomplish anything at all. So, reduce some of these stress and work your way up. Being too stressed over dieting is never a good thing too. Sure, you want to keep your figure trim. But this does not mean that you have to over-obsess on what you should eat or how much of it you should. Allow yourself to indulge on life’s little pleasures every once in a while. The key is really just portion control. You can also use good energy products like garcinia extreme for women.

Doing a lot of exercise is highly encouraged too. Adding some psychical activity into the things that you do daily is always going to help a lot in the long run. Keeping yourself active is sure to prevent you from getting osteoporosis. Diabetes, heart disease, as well as cancer. So, if you have been living a sedentary life, it is about time you get a little active. Consider your fertility. The older a woman gets, the slimmer is the chance for her to actually get pregnant and bear children. Of course, this is not true for everybody as there are plenty of those that have no issues having kids in their late 30s and in their 40s. If you are nearing the later age, talking to your doctor about fertility options may be a good idea.

Maintain a healthy sex life too. Part of staying healthy is being able to maintain sexual health; with this in mind, it is important to consider proper birth control methods too. Women need to remember that the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy is always going to loom over their heads when they have an active sexual life. So, talking about the right methods with your doctor and your partner is very important.

Always remember that if you want to live well and stay well, then you have to be committed to doing what it takes to maintain the right lifestyle. This is a long-term commitment too. So, shedding off some of those bad habits you have developed over time and packing on some positive ones will help you achieve these goals better.

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Rental property

Every person dreams of having his own home. However, not all people have the money for their dream house right away. Most people are short of the money that they need for the house. Others would probably say that they need to save more money so that they can finally have one. So a lot of people go for renting. Buying your own house or renting one has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Renting a property has several advantages. The main one could be you do not need to pay on maintaining the house or even repairing them because all of these is the responsibility of the tenant. You can simply make your complaint and they will do everything for you. It can not be denied that it is expensive to maintain a house especially if it is old. Another benefit of renting is you do not need to pay for the property tax. You can actually save a lot from that since the tax depends on where your house is and how big it is. The payment of the taxes is the responsibility of your landlord. Moreover, you do need to pay a lot of money before you can start living in the house. If you want to buy a house, some real estate brokers ask for a huge amount of down payment that maybe it is impossible to pay. Not to mention the monthly equity that you need to pay. Read more about Real Wealth Australia Success Stories to know more about rental properties.

With renting, all you need to worry is the monthly rent that you have to pay.   Moreover, the value of one’s property changes also and everything just basically wears off as time flies. If you rent, you do not need to worry about this fact. Also, because nowadays, living life is a little bit difficult compared before, renting is very convenient to people. If you cannot afford your current rent because you have other bills, you can always choose a cheaper one. In contrast with home ownership, you need to stick with the same payment monthly. You just cannot give up because it is your property all ready. Moreover, when you rent, your landlord lets you pay the same monthly rent every year. Usually they do not change the price unless you move out. You should be provided with every facility like a good garage door opener.

Although, renting has downsides too. For one, it is a fact that the property will never be yours over time. When you need to make changes with the house, you need to consult the landlord first. You will never have the autonomy because it is not your house. Moreover, if you calculate your rental amount over the years, maybe the amount you have paid for the rent is equal to buying your own house.

To sum everything up, renting has its pros and cons. It is great to have your own house however if your budget does not permit at the moment then the second best option is to rent. Renting maybe costly over time but you can minimize your house maintenance cost and you do not have to pay for the tax. The choice whether to rent or not lies in the person.

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Make Your Living More Easy With Home Lifts

Home lifts can make your living more easily and comfortable, it is the product use to lift you up from the lower ground of your home and apartment or other own property to another level and going down, back to the ground level. Home lifts can carry a two up to six persons up or down in a multiple storey house. The machine or the driving system of home lift is build inside; unlike the commercial lifts that needs another space for a machine room.

Residential lifts have been introduced many years ago, and now it becomes popular for many luxurious homes. However, it is not for the super rich and popular people anymore, it is also recommended for the person who has a problem going upstairs and downstairs, like elderly and people who have problems with their knees like rheumatism. Home lifts is now more economical than before and it can help to improve your home. Some home lifts are designed base on the décor of your home; you can have customized home lifts just to fit for your home design. There are different designs of doors and also it has a safety features to make sure that your home lift is safe to ride and you are in good hands.

Make Your Living More Easy With Home Lifts

There are many types of home lifts that you can install in your home such as stair lifts, ceiling lifts, porch lifts, incline lifts, pool lifts and vertical lifts. Stair lifts use by the persons who has a trouble in managing the stairs. Ceiling lifts is proven safe and the easiest way to transfer up and down and to move in another place on the same track. Porch lifts is a discreet lifts that you can add to your home, it is safe and reliable. Incline lifts provide the capability to go up and go down any staircase with no difficulty. Pool lifts give access to the person with disability to the pool because water activities are an important exercise for them. Vertical lifts use to lift you up and down inside or outside your home.

These types of home lifts are very helpful for you to make life easier and have a comfortable living. If you are interested or have an idea to install any types of home lifts, you have a great idea, just make sure that you planned it very well and you have enough budget for it.

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